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1PEP 六年級英語下冊第 Unit 1----Unit 2 練習題班級_________ 姓名__________ 分數__________一、找出不同類的單詞。(5 分1、 A、 water B 、jump C、run D、climb 2、 A、 longer B、taller C、tired D、stronger 3、 A、 teeth B、length C、feet D、arms ( )4、 A、 head B、hand C、taller D、leg 5、 A、 big B、old C、tall D、how 二、按要求寫單詞。(22 分)1、寫出下列詞的比較級。1 big ________2 short ________3heavy _________4fat ________5happy________6late _________7strong ______8fine________9excited________________2、1 meter 復數) ________ 2 foot 復數)_________ 3dive 現在分詞)________4do(第三人稱單數)________ 5by 同音詞)________ 6konw同音詞)_______7teeth(復數)________ 8 old(反義詞)________9 long(反義詞)________ 10kilogram( 縮寫)________ 11centimeter (縮寫)________12與相比較( 英語形式) ________ 13think(漢語意思)________三、選擇正確的答案。(18 分) 1、I m two years _______than you . A、 young B、shorter C、younger 2、Line up _____ younger to older . A 、 from B、at C、 of 3、 How big ______ your feet A、 is B 、 are C 、it 4、_______ ------80cm. A 、How tall are you B 、How long are your legs C 、How old are you 5、Which monkey do you like A 、I like the yellow one. B、It s younger. C 、 It s nice . 6、How ______is your best friend ----- Thirteen years old . A、old B 、tall C、heavy 7、How tall is Chen Jie A 、He is 12 years old. B、I m 147cm. C 、She is 150cm. 8、當你想知道湯姆有多高時,你應該問________A、How long are you B、How tall are you C、How large are you 9、當你想表達“你的床有多長”時,你應該說____A 、How long is your bed B 、How big is your bed C 、How large is your bed 10、 當你想知道你的朋友的體重時,你應該說_______A 、How tall are you B、How old are you C 、How heavy are you 11. Please stay ____ bed for a few days. A. to B. in C. for 12. If you_______sick, see the doctor. A. is B. are C. am 13. Amy_______ very sad. What’s wrong _______herA. looks, with B. look, with C. looks, to 14. _______does John feel He’s sad. A. What B. How C. Where 15. I’m sorry_______hear that A. for B. to C. in 16. --- I failed the math test. --- _______A. I’m sorry to hear that. B. You are luck. C. Oh, that’s bad.2 17. Some_______ feel sick_______the winter.A. people, in B. peoples, in C. people, at 18. My arm_______. A. is hurt B. hurt C. hurts四、找出不同類的單詞,將標號填入提前括號。(5 分) 1. A. tall B. shark C. short 2. A. fish B. whale C. jump 3. A. running B. diving C. bigger 4. A. older B. young C. strong 5. A. lobster B. cm C. kg五、英漢互譯。(10 分)1.更瘦的 2.更小的 3. 更壯的 4. than 5. 更大的 6..疲勞的 7.興奮的 8. 無聊的 9. 高興的 10.生氣的 六、找出Ⅱ欄中與Ⅰ欄中相對應的答語,把
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